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Iconic pop … beautiful ballads
biker-rock … sultry jazz … country
folk …
funky instrumentals and more.
Always timeless, always strikingly unique.
*All masters & publishing rights owned by VeePo Music.
Available in a variety of versions and formats.
(Instrumental, TV,  snippets, full-res wavs, etc.)

FALLEN (Richly layered female ballad) Lyrics & Credits

BE A LIGHT (Inspirational)     Lyrics & Credits

21st CENTURY GIRLS *Uncensored (iconic pop) Lyrics & Credits

FINALLY (Classic love song with beautiful harmonies and ad libs) Lyrics & Credits

BUST IT (Dance) Lyrics & Credits

OVER YOU (Dianna Krall-ish freeform jazz vocal) Lyrics & Credits

OVER YOU *Instrumental version (haunting piano and pad)     Credits

YOU’RE GONNA LOVE ME *Draft (Country) Lyrics & Credits

FUNKIN’ NUTS (Funky instrumental)     Credits

JUST THE WAY I FEEL (Film/TV – adult contemporary) Lyrics & Credits

MAKE IT YOURS (Motivational pop)     Lyrics & Credits

NOBODY GOT A HOLD ON ME (Road blues)     Lyrics & Credits

REDLINING (Biker rock with Harley intro)     Lyrics & Credits

* DIVIDED AND CONQUERED (Click the title to preview a draft of a new Folk song.)

And many more available soon …

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