BILLY (He’s Redlining)

(Verse 1)
Screamin’ down the highway on a mean-looking Harley
Burnin’ from a lover’s goodbye
Leaning on the corners like he leaned on the lady
Leaning ‘til the sparks are flying
Tattoo on his shoulder of The Reaper laughin’
Waiting for somebody to cry
Oh no, no, no, Billy don’t care if he dies

He’s redlining (Oh yeah, but he’s running free)
Redlining (Never be what you want him to be)
He’s redlining right out of control
He’s redlining (Pushin’, always pushing hard)
Redlining (Diein’ to see how far’s too far)
He’s redlining right out of control

(Verse 2)
Pulling on the throttle ‘til he can’t hear the voices
Pounding like a hammer inside
Everybody wondering what happened to Billy
He used to be his Momma’s pride
But all he got at school was a major in dealing
Good lays and a kilo of lies
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Billy’s a king of disguise



(Verse 3)
Billy hit the corner with the wind in his helmet
Screaming out a final farewell
Demon underneath him at a hundred and twenty
Carried Billy right into hell
Nobody’d believed he’d ever make it to thirty
Many thought he’d die any day
And oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Billy he’d liked it that way


Lead vocal by Ryder Bachman
Backup vocals by Geena Fontanella
Guitars by Greg Pajer
Bass by Andrew James
Drums by Zak St John
Piano by VeePo
Written, Produced & Mixed by VeePo
Mastered by Justin Perkins
ISRC: CA-HOC-18-00004
ISWC: T-071040467-3

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