(Verse 1 & 2)
It’s rarely been so easy
Touching like a friend
Passing innuendos, double entendres
I’ve rarely seen so many secrets
Wander from my mind
How can we be so open
In so little time?

Could it be we’re lovers
From time long disappeared
Memories subconscious, stranded by the years
Could it be more than fantasy
To dream of ancient lands
When you were my Lady
And I was your man

In ages past, in Arab dhows
Sailing Mombassa bay
It timeless lands, on moonlit sands
Loving warm nights away
When silk and spice and caravans
Fought through Asian rains
Were we standing as one
Will we be one again

(Verse 3)
Some would say I’m crazy
To say that you’ve been mine
Some would say misguided love
Is messing with my mind
Some would even say I’m just a fool
Caught up in dreams
But your eyes keep on singing
It’s more than it seems


©Veepo Music

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