(Verse 1 & 2)
You can try to sell child poverty
As the way that things just have to be
But your One Percent
Never feel their hunger burn

You can try to sell your politics
With your promises of no dirty tricks
But your time is up
Gonna watch the tables turn

So easy, we’ve made it so damn easy to lie
So easy to say blame is never mine
So easy to say it’s always been this way
So easy to be victims of our time

(Verse 3 & 4)
You can try to sell your brand new pill
As the cure for almost every ill
But you’ve been caught lying
Time and time again

You can try to sell your 2.0
As the latest upgrade to save my soul
But your spyware
Steals my identity for them



(Verse 5 & 6)
You can try to sell your point of view
With the barrel of a gun or two
You can swear your lies are right
And their lies wrong

You can try to sell your Paradise
As the only true path to Happiness
But the god I know
Brings everyone along


©Veepo Music

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