Sweet times
Waiting around the corner
Sweet times
You know that we are overdue
Sweet times
Waiting right around the corner
Sweet times
For me and for you

(Verse 1)
There’s a momma rocking gently
With a baby in her arms
And she’s smiling like
She’s never been so blessed
And the baby’s smiling back
With every ounce of its new life
Take a look
It’s the world at its best


(Verse 2)
There’s a young girl and a young boy
And they’re walking hand in hand
And the world is just about perfect
In their eyes
Take a moment right now
Look around and see the world they see
Let the love inside you rise


(Verse 3)
There’s a child that wants to hold you
There’s a child that needs your love
There’s a child that wants to
Be with you all day
It’s the child that lives inside you
That will turn this world around
Let the child inside you
Come on out and play


©Veepo Music

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