(Verse 1)
It seems at times we never learn
We light the fires and watch them burn
We feel the pain the victims feel
But flat deny the sex appeal
Of front-row seats to agony
That we keep tuning in to see
It’s sad to say we crave the fires
That satisfy our dark desires

(Verse 2)
It’s sad to say we bow our heads
To empty men on empty quests
Who steal the gold and buy the power
Then broadcast to us every hour
That everything will be just fine
As long as we just stay in line
So we don’t mind the things they do
As long as it’s not to me or you

Well it’s sad to say
Oh ohh, it’s sad to say
So sad to say
Each passing day
That we don’t learn
The pages turn
But we don’t learn

(Verse 3)
It seems at times we worship gods
Who’d have us die for worthless causes
Text your friends and Tweet your list
About the sale you almost missed
Describe the prize that’s in your hands
But don’t admit you don’t understand
The emptiness that gnaws inside
You swore this one would satisfy

(Verse 4)
It seems at times we learn the most
When we’re down to our one last hope
One last chance to make things right
To bare your soul with all your might
Confess your crimes, confess your sins
Tell her what a fool you’ve been
Then wait for her to make the move
‘Cause you’ve made her the judge of you


©Veepo Music

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