(Verse 1 & 2)
Downtown looking for you in London
Driving empty streets of LA
Concrete canyons uptown New York
Send me back to check Marseille

A hot tip takes me down to Dubai
Where smugglers sail me to Bombay (‘Mumbai, Mumbai’)
I find a trail that leads to Shanghai
And then down to Rio the next day

Oh, I’m searchin’, still searchin’
But this searchin’ is taking far too long
I’m searchin’, and I’ll keep searchin’
‘Til I find where honesty has gone

(Verse 3 & 4)
Well you can say you lie for her sake
When you hide the way you cheat
And that might help you face the mirror
But deep inside you know you’re weak

And you can justify your crime wave
Your closet full of three-piece suits
Penthouse views and offshore millions
The only way you measure truth


Teleprompter politicians promising they’re gonna listen
Gonna make things better this time round, you’ll see
Then we learn the bankers paid them, big-oil billionaires enslaved them
And the truth goes six feet underground … again

(Verse 5)
Well, downtown looking for you in Moscow
Draining swamps in old DC
Yeah, Tokyo, Delhi, Paris, Beijing
Cape Town, Cairo, Boston, Berlin
Nothin’ much, nothin’ much to see


©Veepo Music

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