(Verse 1)
Young boy takes his very first steps
Young mom gets a welfare cheque
Young dad in the bar buying beers
Doesn’t care that the mom’s in tears

(Verse 2)
Young fire in their loins one night
So long ago in their young, young lives
Never dreaming that the seed might grow
Add the months up, what do you know, it’s a boy

Take a step, baby step
A momma step and a daddy step, too
Take a step but don’t forget
That you own
Every move you make
And every heart you break

(Verse 3)
Young man doing well in school
Young mom thinks he’s oh so cool
On her own now, young dad’s gone
They’re better off, he was oh so wrong

(Verse 4)
Young man’s gonna graduate
Young mom, she’s gonna celebrate
Working two jobs she don’t mind
Doesn’t care ‘bout her wrinkles and lines
That’s her boy!


Some rise to the challenge
Some run from the pain
Some find a way forward
Again and again


(Verse 5)
Old man takes a fearful step
If he falls he can break his hip
All alone in a cheap hotel
Just a thin wall away from hell

(Verse 6)
Looking back on his sad, sad life
Was a time that he had a wife
Lovely girl with his fine young son
Such a fool when he cut and run like a boy


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